We want to share your church lighting upgrade with other churches around the nation!

For each item you submit below, we’ll apply $25 to an Amazon gift card. There are 4 items in total that you can submit, which adds up to $100 total if you submit all 4! Pretty Sweet – Right?!

$25 - Quick Video or Written Testimonial

A simple shout out recorded on your phone or simply some good old fashioned text will work.
(Though, we’d love a video though to see your beautiful face)

$25 - Photos of New Lights During Worship

Take a few pictures of your new setup during a worship service.
Bonus points for creative shots and good exposure!

$25 - Before / After Pics

Submit at least 4 photos before the upgrade and afterwards showing the transformation.

$25 - Video Clips of Lights

B-Roll style footage of your lights during worship or you trying some new lighting designs.
It’s OK to show-off once in a while 🙂

Lighting Doesn't Have To Be Intimidating. Let's Share That News With Fellow Production Tech's and Volunteers!

Once you submit the items the PCL team will reach out to you confirming all was received. At that time you’ll then submit where you’d like your gift card delivered to.

Rules: 1 submission allowed per church.