Pro Church Lights Hot-Swap™ Agreement

The PCL Hot-Swap Program™ is a unique offering by Pro Church Lights. When you purchase a fixture from PCL that is enrolled in the Hot-Swap Program™ it is covered by the following terms. These terms activate upon delivery of the fixture to your location and are active for a 12 month period. Once the 1 year period ends, any remaining warranty will still be in place. In some cases you will have the option to extend enrollment for select fixtures for an additional fee. Contact your PCL representative for more details or if you have any questions before ordering.

Products covered by the Pro Church Lights Hot-Swap Program include:

ProPar, ProBar, ProBarPixel, ZoomPro7, ZoomPro12, ZoomPro, ZoomProMini, ProWash, ProWashMax, ProWashPlus, ProSpot, ProSpotMax, ProKick

The Hot-Swap Program activates upon the delivery date and expires exactly 1 year after the delivery date.

In order for a listed fixture to stay actively qualified within the Hot-Swap Program you agree that:

1) The fixture will not be used outside at any time.

2) The fixture will be maintained as set forth in the maintenance guide or user manual.

3) The fixture will not be used in a mobile church setting.

4) The fixture will be powered off after each use, daily.

5) The fixture will be safely hung / rigged / supported.

6) The fixture will be exclusively used within a house-of-worship or church.

If the serial number has been tampered with, the fixture will no longer be qualified or warrantied by Pro Church Lights.

Once the Hot-Swap process has been initiated you agree to answer a series of questions and follow the diagnostic instructions of a Pro Church Lights technician. You also agree to attempt to repair the fixture in-place as per the instructions of the Pro Church Lighting technician if deemed a Level 1 repair.

If the fixture is qualified and is validated by the Pro Church Lights technician for a Hot-Swap then Pro Church Lights agrees to ship a replacement fixture (new or refurbished) to the original shipping location. Once the replacement fixture is received, you agree to pack the existing fixture in need of repair into the supplied packaging and apply the pre-paid shipping label. Pro Church Lights agrees to cover all shipping costs to and from the original shipping location for all fixtures that qualify for the Hot-Swap™ program.

Pro Church Lights is in no way responsible for any charges or costs that arise out of replacing a fixture other than the shipping fees, fixture or fixture parts exclusively.

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