Lighting Training For Churches

Program Faster, Reduce Frustration, Be More Creative

Training Is The Lowest Cost Thing You Can Do To Take Your Lighting To The Next Level...

If you, your staff or your volunteers are wasting too much time programming, not being efficient, are frustrated, stuck creatively or maybe simply just HATE the lighting software or control system – then we strongly advise you consider training.

Most churches too quickly point the finger at their control system as the source of their lighting problems. Too many churches throw more budget at more “flashy” lights. And far too many churches just settle and “live-with-it”.  

Yes – you still need to have solid lighting control platform in place (and if you don’t know if you do or don’t – just ask us). Know though – we hear churches all the time say they HATE their lighting control. And what we find is they are running a solid lighting software or controller and one we’d recommend – they just have never been trained to use it properly.

Lighting is different than Audio and Video. It’s a completely different workflow. Get training and get on with maximizing your lighting system investment!