Project Spotlight: Calvary Church

Pro Church Lights assists Calvary Church with lighting upgrade and LED Wall

Calvary Church located in the Chicagoland area utilized PixelStix™ and Bases to complete this unique stage design. Also included in the setup were a variety of existing wash and profile movers flown above the stage in 2 rows to create depth. Lamp based parnels were utilized on the floor of the stage as blinders to create some warmth and punch at specific moments.

An Altitude LED screen was also installed in the center stage area giving them the ability to create digital stage designs as well as focus the attention of the congregation to the center of the stage area. Worship lyrics are shown in the center rather than side screens to devote attention to a central focal point.

The lighting system was programmed using Onyx with an NX WING. Onyx is an excellent choice for larger lighting systems or more intensive cueing setups.

Calvary Church utilized the PixelStix™ in pixel mapping mode that allowed for unique effects to be played back to the set up. PixelStix™ have the ability to run in a variety of modes such as 10ch, 55ch and 480ch single and dual mode which enables Pixel Mapping Mode.

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The PixelStix™ Setup...

To accomplish the PixelStix™ chevron shape, the PCL PixelStix™ base system along with unistrut hardware was used. This is a quick, easy, low cost method to create ground supported designs.

The Stand Components Consisted Of:

2 PixelStix™
1 PixelStix™ Base System
1 Section of Unistrut (4ft) Painted Black
4 Spring Nuts and Bolts For Attachment