Church Stage Lighting by Pro Church Lights

Lighting Doesn't Have To Be Complicated

We’ve found that over 80% of churches are frustrated in some way regarding their stage lights. This mainly comes down to these 2 complaints we hear far too often;  “it’s too complicated” and “it’s too expensive”. Well, lighting doesn’t have to be that way. Discover a simpler and better way by chatting with a Pro Church Lights Church Lighting Specialist.

Lighting Doesn't Have To Be Expensive

We look forward to showing you how affordable great lighting at your church can be. Whether you’re looking for a couple of lights or an entire church stage lighting package – our church lighting specialists goal is to maximize every dollar you have while providing you solid, durable and professionally supported lighting fixtures and accessories.

Lighting Doesn't Have To Be Intimidating

Intimidation is the #1 reason churches struggle with great lighting. Yes, moving light fixtures, programming, installation, rigging, DMX, system layout – add it all up and Yes, it can all be intimidating. But that’s simply why we exist. Don’t let fear stop you from achieving great lighting – reach out to Pro Church Lights, we’re here to help – chat with a PCL Church Lighting Specialist today!

The PCL Advantage:

At Pro Church Lights, you get more than just lights…

Pro Lighting Design Mock-Up

See what new lights in your church, house-of-worship, auditorium, youth room, and kids space can look like. Get a Stage Lighting Design mock-up today.

Installation Support

We offer various Installation Options for all budgets. From DIY “do-it-yourself” to full service / on-site installation. Our Hybrid Install option is perfect if you’re looking to save money and have a volunteer team ready to assist. We are here to get your new lights up and running simply, quickly and cost effectively.

Lighting System Review

When you request a Lighting Design Mock-Up, our team of lighting design experts will ask questions pertaining to your existing system. We’ll give you insight, answer any questions you have or help you solve problems you’re tired of.

Dedicated Support

Our support team is standing by ready to help you. You’ll have access to the support team along with our Support Center. We’ve got your back!

Lighting Resource
& Training Hub

Maximize your lighting with PCL exclusive software training, tutorials and lighting resources. Volunteer friendly, easy-to-follow and current allow you to reduce costs, gain back time and maximize your investment.

The Easy Install Guarantee™

If your setup or install isn’t easy, simply let us know – and we’ll buy you and your volunteer team dinner with a $200 gift card. Learn More…

PCL HotSwap™ Program

When you purchase select fixtures from PCL – they’re covered by our exclusive HotSwap™ Program. If a light fixture has an issue and it’s covered in the program, simply fill out the HotSwap form, receive the new light, pack up the existing light in need of attention and apply the return label. It’s that easy!

Referral Program

Share the love with other pastors, worship directors, production staff at other churches and receive referral dollars that you can spend on new lights. Get more, give more, share more.