Create unique stage lighting designs faster than ever before.

PixelStix™ by Pro Church Lights gives you creative freedom to change your stage “look” quickly and easily. Stack them, suspend them, ground support them, mount them.

The most versatile set of fixtures you'll ever own.

PixelStix LED Tube Light Strip Light

PixelStix™ are designed with standard mounting points and features that let you expand them so you can build creative lighting set ups quickly and easily . Hang them, mount them to a wall, floor support them – get creative. Choose from two included lens shapes (dome and flat) for a different look that only takes seconds to change.

The innovative processing allows you to use any lighting software or controller to create powerful and creative lighting cues. For powerful lighting effects, PixelStix™ are fully pixel mappable. Each stick is powered and controlled via a single RJ45 cable – keeping your stage clean and safe. Up to 16 PixelStix™ can be controlled with each PixelStix™ base unit.

PixelStix LED Tube Light Strip Light

Simple setup.

PixelStix™ work with any lighting software or control console. Create powerful lighting moments quickly and easily.

Less cable.

Power and data are combined together in a single RJ45 cable reducing cables. Less cables = a cleaner and safer stage.

Pixel mappable.

For powerfully creative motion and lighting effects – PixelStix™ can process video and are fully pixel mappable.

PixelStix™ processor.

The processing unit provides both power and data to each stick via a RJ45 cable. Up to 16 PixelStix™ can be connected to a single processor.

DMX, SACN, ArtNet, KlingNet

Multiple protocols for the utmost flexibility in programming.

LED PixelStix Base Unit

Creative rigging.

Hang them. Stand them. Stack them. Mount them.

With PixelStix™ you have rigging freedom to create the stage designs you dream of. All PixelStix™ include a mounting bracket, eyebolts and seamless connector which allows you to attach each stick together, seamlessly.

Rigging is only limited by your imagination…. And if your imagination IS limited – we include a variety of designs and rigging instructions to get you started.

Led Tube Lighting Lenses

Changeable lenses (included)

Both dome and flat lenses are included with every unit!

All PixelStix™ include a dome lens and flat lens for ultimate creativity. Lenses change out in seconds and instantly create different diffusion options.

Led Tube Lighting Lenses

PixelStix™ Ground Bases

Ground support for easy fast setups

PixelStix™ ground bases easily attach to your PixelStix™ and support 1 single stick or connect 2 PixelStix™ together for a seamless vertical column of over 6.5ft high! 

(Bases are not included within the bundle price. Upon checkout you can add or delete the ground bases from your cart)

PixelStix™ in action.

Pictures from some of our church friends utilizing PixelStix™.
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Light Source


Control / Modes


SIZE / WEIGHT (with Flat Lens)

SIZE / WEIGHT (with Dome Lens)

View the manual and setup guides here...

Check out the PCL support center for an overview of the setup instructions for PixelStix™.

PixelStix™ FAQ

Frequent questions about PixelStix™ by Pro Church Lights

Each bundle includes:

  • 8 or 16 PixelStix™
  • 1 PixelStix™ Processor
  • RJ45 Daisy Chain Cable
  • Square and Dome Lenses
  • Mounting Brackets

Yes, you can order an 8 unit bundle online. For all other quantities, please utilize the form at the bottom of this page or email solutions@prochurchlights.com

PixelStix™ are made up of 80 high intensity RGB LEDs which allows for color mixing as well as video mapping.

The Pro Church Lights support team is here to assist you in getting up and running. You’ll receive video instructions as well as printed instructions. If you’re still stuck, simply reach out to a lighting expert at Pro Church Lights. We’re here for you.

Add a PixelStix™ bundle to your church lighting setup today.

We guarantee you’ll love PixelStix™. If not, simply return them within 30 days for a full refund.

PixelStix™ Bundle Includes:


Made For Worship

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