Project Spotlight: Journey Church

Pro Church Lights assists Journey Church with lighting upgrade.

With the guidance of Pro Church Lights, a leading expert in lighting technology for churches, Journey Church of Laporte, Indiana embarked on a remarkable project to upgrade their stage lighting, aiming to set a new standard for illumination and ambiance for their worship services.

The room presented some challenges due to it’s low ceiling height (less than 10ft) and over all smaller, more intimate size. These challenges were overcome by using more compact fixtures as well as tucking fixtures as high as possible between the wood joists above.

The project was driven by a desire to elevate not only the visual aspects of their worship service but also to create a more efficient and volunteer friendly lighting system to opperate by it’s volunteers.

Journey had some existing fixtures that were able to be re-utilized. However most of their fixtures were old Par 56’s, lamp based ellipsoidals and low quality LED pars which were retired. Their original control system (Chamsys) was also removed and a more volunteer friendly control system installed.

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Bye Bye Old Lights...

Over 25 OLD fixtures were removed and replaced with 14 NEW lights which dramatically increased quality, smoothness of light and creative options.

New Lights and Control Installed:

Front Wash = 6 Pro Wash™
Backlight = 8 Zoom Mini™
Wall Panel Pro (wall panel)
LightKey + Akai Midi Touch Board

6 Pro Wash™ fixtures were installed as front wash replacing the existing 16 Par 56 and lamp based ellipsoidals.

8 Zoom Mini™ moving head fixtures were installed in two rows of 4. This provides backlight to all areas of the stage.

Lights Re-utilized Journey had small moving heads and wall wash fixtures on-hand which were re-deployed in new locations to maximize effectiveness. 

What Journey Had To Say...

Journey Church Lighting Rig Specs:


Existing Fixutres Re-Positioned


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