Wall Panel Pro™

Simple lighting control - right at your finger tips.

Introducing the Wall Panel Pro™ by Pro Church Lights. Built for Churches. Trusted by Churches. The Wall Panel Pro™ allows for easy control of your church’s auditorium and stage lights – right from your wall.

Beautifully simple. Simply beautiful.

Wall Panel Pro™ lets you save lighting presets in seconds and recall them at the touch of a button. Its smooth architectural finish looks beautiful in any auditorium. Plus its backlight makes it easy to find in a dark room. Available in 512 or 1024 channel versions and works with any DMX software, console or controller.

The panel is easy to install and requires no extra power transformer at the panel. Both power and data flow through a single RJ45 cable. Easily add additional wall panels in multiple locations in your auditorium with the loop-thru port. All of these features make Wall Panel Pro™ a perfect fit for any church auditorium.

Installs in a snap.

Simply mount the panel to a wall using the included plate and screws. Connect the wall panel to the rack mounted base unit (included) using a single RJ45 cable. It’s that easy.

Create presets in seconds.

Simply create your scene and save to your desired button. No confusing multi-button pushes or complicated steps. Save up to 8 presets and re-write new presets at any time.

DMX based.

Works with any DMX based lighting system and stores all dmx values (dimmer, fx, color, etc). Allow anyone to easily turn on auditorium and stage lights at the push of a button – without the need to turn on or touch the main lighting console. 

Easily expandable.

Connect up to 3 wall panels together for easy access to your lighting presets from multiple locations.

"Glows" in the dark.

LED backlit for easy visibility in low-light.

With its LED backlit design, anyone coming into a dark auditorium can easily find the panel and recall lighting presets at the touch of a button.

Church Stage Lighting Wall Panel

Easy Installation.

Watch the Wall Panel Pro™ installation video and see how easy it is.

Wall Panel Pro™ FAQ

Frequent questions about the Wall Panel Pro™ by Pro Church Lights

The wall panel includes a metal mounting plate and screws. Simply attach the plate to the wall using the included screws.

A small hole is needed for the Cat5e cable to be connected to the wall panel.

Yes – the fade time function is built in allowing smooth transitions between your presets. You have the option to adjust your fade time speed as well.

Setup is super easy with Wall Panel Pro. No extra power supply, plug or adaptors are needed at the wall panel. All data and power is sent down a single Cat5 cable.

Each bundle includes:

  • 1 Wall Panel
  • 1 Rack Mount Base Unit
  • 1 Mounting Plate
  • 4 Screws + Drywall Anchors
  • Installation Instruction Video

No – You will still need a lighting controller to create lighting scenes. You will then save those scenes to the wall panel. Once the presets are made – you do not need to utilize your existing controller to recall the presets.

The wall panel version you need depends on how many DMX channels you need to control. Check your patch list on your lighting control console or software to see how many DMX channels you’re currently using.

The Pro Church Lights support team is here to assist you in getting up and running. You’ll receive video instructions as well as printed instructions. If you’re still stuck, simply reach out to a lighting expert at Pro Church Lights. We’re here for you.

Add a Wall Panel Pro™ to your church auditorium today.

We guarantee you’ll love the Wall Panel Pro™. If not, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund.

What's Included:

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